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Welcome to AOPA’s Career Pilot pages. The information on these pages will help you to plot the best course to a successful career as a professional pilot.

Career Resources

Q&A: The Career Advisor

Question: I am currently in my junior year in high school, and am looking to become a pilot. What is the best road to take? Should I go to a local flight school or a well-known school? How do I get to a flying career and what are the best options?

Answer: That is a very tall order. You might begin by checking with your school’s career counselor and research online to get a grip on flying careers. Read More >>

Career Development

The key to being as prepared as possible for a professional piloting career is staying informed, both about the industry in general and about potential employers in particular. Learn more >>

Professional Training?

Some of the most important training for professional pilots involves flying as part of a multi-person crew. Mastering the concept and practices of crew resource management is a requirement for your career. Learn more >>

Finance Your Training

AOPA's Flexible Aviation Loan can be put to work right now to get you on your way as a better trained, more proficient pilot. Learn more >>

AOPA Aviation Job Board

Search recent aviation job postings. Learn more >>

Turbine Aircraft Technology

The jet and turboprop aircraft flown by most professional pilots employ systems that are much more sophisticated than those of piston-engine training aircraft. Knowledge of these system basics will help you launch your career. Learn more >>

Career Success Stories

Learning about the success of others who recently attained the same objective can be inspirational and a source of motivation—and their experiences may help you decide how to pursue the career you want. Learn more >>

Flight Training Magazine Online

The #1 magazine for student pilots and flight instructors has assembled a wide variety of resources to speed your understanding of flight and your flight-training experience, and move you closer to your goal of becoming a professional pilot. Learn more >>