Lesson Plans

Lesson 6: Steep Turns and Ground Reference Maneuvers

Dual—ground: 0.5, flight: 1.0

Objective: Introduce student to performance maneuvers

Discussion topics:

  1.  Steep turns
  2.  fundamentals of ground reference maneuvers
  3.  wake turbulence avoidance


  1.  maneuvering during slow flight
  2.  emergency procedures


  1. Steep turns
  2. Rectangular course
  3. S-turns
  4. Turns around a point

Completion standards:

  1. Ability to maintain specific ground track during ground-reference maneuvers
  2. Altitude, airspeed, and heading within PTS standards during straight and level flight

 Next Lesson:
 #7 Maneuvers Review

Suggested student homework assignments:

  1. Review previously assigned reading, research the answers to any questions, and be prepared to discuss them during the preflight ground briefing of the review lesson.
  2. Diagram ground reference maneuvers showing wind corrections at different positions during the maneuvers.