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Do some homework, make a list, save a buck

As when shopping for a car, the asking price of fuel may be rock solid, or it may be a little more flexible. If you don't ask, you won't know. So ask. You just might be surprised at what you find. Read more >>

Student starts his own school

Daniel Clark, a 34-year-old instrument-rated private pilot, trained for his private certificate at a school that wasn't very welcoming. He and a few friends thought they could do better at attracting and keeping students, so they formed Executive Flight Training. Read more >>

A failure of sense and skill

Some accidents are instigated by instructors who unintentionally set bad examples - by hurrying, taking things for granted, or discouraging their students from exercising the degree of caution appropriate for their experience level. Read more >>

The vanishing piston twin

Thanks to recent revisions of the eligibility criteria, a new dilemma may confront pilots who aspire to the multiengine airline transport pilot certificate. Read more >>