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Brown Aviation Lease reveals Redhawk pricing details

Redbird Flight Simulations' Redhawk is interesting enough, with its diesel engine, modern panel, and refurbished paint and interior. But the workings behind the airplane--Brown Aviation Lease's finance and lease options--might be the real lasting benefit of the airplane. Read more >>

Watch this - two words you don't want to hear in an airplane

Of all the words you never want to hear in an aircraft, those two probably rank just behind "Do you smell something burning?" A recent accident reminds us why. Read more >>

A responsibility to safety

When one of our students does something wrong, there is a range of emotions. When things go really wrong, it's guaranteed we'll wonder "what if." Read more >>

Latest safety report is business as usual - mostly

The AOPA Air Safety Institute will soon release the "23rd Joseph T. Nall Report." Read more >>