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Dear Northeast flight school

A flight school’s telephone quote for training did not go over well when the potential client discussed it with friends on an aviation internet board. Read more >>

The 'weaker sex'?

Accident data reveal that women pilots are less likely to be involved in accidents than male pilots. Are they better risk managers, or is it because they are flying fewer hours than men? Read more >>

She wins, you win

Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation week for girls and women of all ages, presents a unique and free opportunity for flight schools to secure new students. Read more >>

Seize the moment

The excitement of learning something for the first time may exceed that of teaching it for the seventy-fifth. Some instructors might need an occasional reminder that checking off the boxes on the progress chart is not their highest priority. Read more >>

Flight Training Loans

Your students can now finance their training at rates lower than most credit cards. Earn a private pilot's license for as little as $100/month. Learn more here >>