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AOPA 2015 Flight Training Poll & Sweepstakes

Have your students take the poll and enter the 2015 Flight Training Poll Sweepstakes! Generous donations from Jeppesen, Sporty’s, and AOPA offer you a chance to win one of several valuable prizes!

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Lost souls

Pilots need to learn how to navigate the hard way before they're allowed to take advantage of modern conveniences like GPS. Read more >>

10 sure ways to kill customer loyalty

Are your customers and their incessant demands getting in the way of conducting your business? William Woodbury offers a tongue-in-cheek look at 10 simple tactics that ensure you won't have customers around much longer. Read more >>

Is the quality of flight instruction eroding?

A longtime designated pilot examiner fears that inconsistent flight instruction born out of a revolving door of CFIs is producing pilots who can't successfully find a town on a chart. Read more >>

The next step for Chesapeake Sport Pilot

A successful flight school on Maryland's Eastern Shore has acquired new S-LSAs--and is moving away from the Tecnams that had been a mainstay of its fleet for one simple reason. Read more >>

Flight Training Loans

Your students can now finance their training at rates lower than most credit cards. Earn a private pilot's license for as little as $100/month. Learn more here >>