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Learn to Fly! Learning to fly is one of life's great adventures. And for more and more Americans today, flying an airplane is one of life's greatest pleasures. This is your opportunity and invitation to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to General Aviation. When you're finished visiting this section, be sure to visit your local General Aviation airport to sign up for your introductory flight. Begin to learn to fly an airplane today!

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How Aviation Works

Learn all about pilots, their aircraft, how they navigate and communicate, as well as the airports they visit.

Planes You Can Fly

Here are some of the most common aircraft used for flight training. Which one would you like to fly?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Flying You're not the first person who wants to learn to fly. Many of your questions have already been asked and answered. Browse through the most common questions and answers.

Is Flying Safe?

General aviation is one of the safest forms of transportation in the world, with the highest standards for aircraft and pilots. See why here.

Choosing a Flight School

With over 1,900 flight schools to pick from, you'll have lots of options. But which one is right for you? It helps if you have an idea of what you want from aviation. Do you want to fly for fun, for business, or as a career?
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Selecting a Flight Instructor

No person will be more influential in nurturing your desires to fly than your first flight instructor. A good instructor will make flight training enjoyable yet challenging, teaching you to fly and helping you become a pilot at a pace suitable to your schedule and abilities. Search the Flight School Directory
Use our online directory to locate a flight school near you.

Aviation Colleges

These institutions of higher education offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that provide aviation training and prepare you for a career in aviation.
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Use our online directory to find an aviation college that will advance your career goals.

Financing Your Pilot Training

Flying is far more affordable than most people think. Learn how you can reach your flying goals, particularly if you're launching a flying career.

Aviation Gadgets and Gear

Flying means lots of fun; you'll be introduced to new gadgets and gear. Learn what you're likely to use when you learn to fly.

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Learning to fly isn't an overnight process, but it's not an impossible dream either. Take advantage of your free 6-month AOPA membership and subscription!