October 2008Career Pilot


Southwest fine upheld

The FAA is sticking with a proposed $10.2 million fine for Southwest Airlines as a penalty for failing to perform required maintenance inspections of some Boeing 737 fuselages in 2007. Southwest had until August 29 to decide if it would contest the penalty. Meanwhile, the FAA said it will fine American Airlines $7.1 million for improperly deferring maintenance. The bulk of the penalty stems from a pair of MD-83s that were improperly returned to service and flown 58 times before maintenance and paperwork problems were corrected.

American shows MD-82s, MD-83s the door

American Airlines is speeding up the retirement of older jets and replacing them with newer, more fuel-efficient Boeing 737-800s. The airline plans to move up deliveries for about 47 of the 737s it has committed to buy. The 737s will consume 25 percent less fuel per available seat mile than an MD-80, American said.

Airlines object to slot auctions

The U.S. Department of Transportation said it will go forward with a controversial slot auction for landing rights at Newark International Airport despite strenuous airline objections. The slot became available when Eos filed for bankruptcy in April. The Air Transport Association called the proposal unlawful and said it will sue to prevent the auction from taking place in September.

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