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volume.22 / number.4

Cover Story: Skycatcher

Is this the next trainer?
By Alton K. Marsh


(What the heck are mnemonics?)
By Phil Scott

Turns around a point

Tips for practicing the ground reference maneuver
By Ian J. Twombly


A Different View /
By Mike Collins

Legal Briefing /
By Kathy Yodice

News /
By Patrick Mathews

Road and Runway Rally /
By Jill W. Tallman

Since you asked /
By Rod Machado

Tech Tip /
By FT Staff

This Weekend /
By Ian J. Twombly

What It Looks Like /
By Mark Twombly


Accident Report /
Be aware, be very aware
By Dan Namowitz

Advertiser Index /
Aviation Marketplace
By FT Staff

AOPA Services /

By FT Staff

Debrief /
Buzz Aldrin
By FT Staff

Flight Lesson /
Wrong way, Toro
By Johanne Conry

Weather /
Vexing vortices
By Jack Williams


Continuing Ed /
Do your best
By Mark R. Twombly

Flying Carpet /
Breakfast at bar 10 ranch
By Greg Brown

Insights /
By Ralph Butcher

President's Perspective /
Back to Basics
By Craig Fuller, AOPA President

Right Seat /
A time to change
By Ian J. Twombly

Career Pilot

Changes in hiring /
By Wayne Phillips

Career Tips /
By Karen M. Kahn

Instructor Report

ASF: No thought required
By David J. Kenny

No intercom, no problem
By Dave Hirschman

You should join ‘SAFE’
By Rod Machado