/ 08.10 /
volume.22 / number.8

Cover Story: 2010 GEAR GUIDE

A sampling of some of the best products that you need and want
By FT Staff

The Plateau Problem

What do you do when you hit the wall?
By Jill W. Tallman

Putting the ‘Pro’ in proficiency

Making every flight pay for itself
By Budd Davisson

Technique /

Finding your way
By Ian J. Twombly


AOPA Advocacy /
By FT Staff

Final Exam /
By FT Staff

Legal Briefing /
By Kathy Yodice

Membership Products /
By FT Staff

News /
By Mike Collins

Taking a softer approach /
By Mike Collins

Since you asked /
By Rod Machado

Tech Tip / ASF News /
By FT Staff

This Weekend /
By Ian J. Twombly

Success Story / What It Looks Like /
By FT Staff / Mark Twombly


Accident Report /
By Dan Namowitz

Debrief /
Joe Manchin III
By FT Staff

Flight Lesson /
Breaking the chain
By William Arnold Wood

Weather /
The Essential Altimeter
By Jack Williams


Continuing Ed /
By Mark R. Twombly

Flying Carpet /
Captain Midnight
By Greg Brown

Insights /
1,000 FEET AGL
By Ralph Butcher

Letters /
Our friends
By FT Staff

President's Perspective /
Come explore with me
By Craig Fuller, AOPA President

Right Seat /
Gear me
By Ian J. Twombly

Career Pilot

Career Advisor /
By Wayne Phillips

Lost at JFK /
By Pete Bedell

Career Tips /
By Karen M. Kahn

Instructor Report

ASF: How would you know?
By David J. Kenny

The downslope
By By Mark George and Jason Catanzariti

Simulators for landing training
By Rod Machado