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/ 11.12 /
volume.24 / number.11

Icy Reception

Don’t crash this party
By Dan Namowitz

Beyond all expectations

Lessons in motivation and persistence, as told by the Tuskegee Airmen
By Jamie Beckett

Technique - The traffic pattern

Go with the flow
By Jill W. Tallman



AOPA Action /
By Kathy Yodice

ASI News /
By AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

Final Exam /
By "Flight Training" Staff

How it works /
By Ian J. Twombly

News /
By Flight Training staff

Since you asked /
By Rod Machado

After the Checkride /
By "Flight Training" magazine staff

Tech Tip/
By 'Flight Training' magazine staff


Checkride /
Slow flight 101
By Bob Schmelzer

Flight Lesson /
Know thy airplane
By Raymond Brown

Weather /
Ice is a drag
By Jack Williams


Flying Carpet /
Forty years aloft
By Greg Brown

Letters / Talk back /
Lift options
By "Flight Training" readers

President's Perspective /
It begins at the center
By Craig Fuller, AOPA President

Right Seat /
Slap in the face
By Ian J. Twombly

Career Pilot

Career Pilot /
By Wayne Phillips

Tech Talk /
By Jared Dirkmaat

Instructor Report

Keep students stoked
By Rebecca Gibson

Night moves
By David Jack Kenny

He said 'yes' but means 'no'
By Rod Machado