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volume.25 / number.8
flight training cover

Back in the hood

back in the hood
Lost your instrument currency? Get ready to take your medicine
By Jill W. Tallman

Birth of the boom

las vegas
The four-stroke engine’s humble origins
By Phil Scott

Slow down

slow flight
Flying the back side of the power curve
By Scott Hotaling

Technique - Airspace

Making sense of the sky
By Ian J. Twombly


After the checkride /
By 'Flight Training' staff

ASI News /
By AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

Final Exam /
By 'Flight Training' staff

How it works /
By Ian J. Twombly

News /
By 'Flight Training' staff

Success Story /
By 'Flight Training' magazine staff

Training Products /
By 'Flight Training' staff


Accident Report /
Fly the distraction
By Dan Namowitz

Debrief /
Rinker Buck
By 'Flight Training' staff

Flight Lesson /
Bee in the bonnet
By Warren Sundberg

Member Benefits /
Legal protection
By 'Flight Training' staff

Weather /
Under pressure
By Jack Williams


Centerline /
Vive la France
By Adam Smith

Flying Carpet /
Night flight from Vegas
By Greg Brown

Letters / Talk back /
Flying is fun
By 'Flight Training' readers

Right Seat /
Become a pilot
By Ian J. Twombly

Career Pilot

Career Advisor /
By Wayne Phillips

Career Pilot /
By Pete Bedell

Tech Talk /
By Jared Dirkmaat

Instructor Report

The post-Colgan world
By E. Allan Englehardt

Kindness but not weakness
By Rod Machado

Surprising similarities
By David Jack Kenny