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volume.26 / number.9
flight training

3 ways to spin

3 ways to spin
These airplanes will go 'round and 'round ...
By By Flight Training staff

Spinning 101

Spinning 101
Recovery procedures that work—and ones that don’t
By Catherine Cavagnaro

To spin or not to spin

To spin or not to spin
Were early aviators asking the right question?
By Kevin D. Murphy

Technique - Snap rolls

A spin on a different plane
By Ian J. Twombly Illustration by Charles Floyd



After the checkride /
By 'Flight Training' staff

ASI News /
By AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

Final Exam /
By "Flight Training" Staff

How it works /
By Ian J. Twombly

Illustration by Steve Karp

News /
By Flight Training staff

Success Stories /
By "Flight Training" magazine staff


Accident Report /
Too soon to solo?
By David Jack Kenny

Flight Lesson /
12-minute window
By Frank E. Cahill
Illustration by Alex Williamson

Member Benefits /
Common student pilot regulation violations
By Flight Training Staff

Weather /
It's not that simple
By Jack Williams


Around the Patch /
The last page
By Jill W. Tallman

Flying Carpet /
Tip of the spear
By Greg Brown

Letters / Talk back /
More than a list
By "Flight Training" readers

Right Seat /
Go for a spin
By Ian J. Twombly

Advanced Pilot

Career Advisor /
Does it matter what aircraft you use to build time?
By Wayne Phillips

Career Pilot /
Taking stock of the hiring scene
By Wayne Phillips

CFI to CFI /
Teaching spins
By Catherine Cavagnaro

Instructor Report /
Today’s scenario-based training
By Rod Machado