Flight Test Prep

During this stage of your flight training, you may feel like all you're doing is practicing maneuvers—over, and over, and over. Why now? Well, you do have to master these skills before you take your checkride, but you'll want to have them under your belt before you begin your cross-country flights (which will be coming up soon). It's also time to think about taking the FAA knowledge test, a 60-question computerized test that, within 24 calendar months before your checkride, you must pass with a score of 70 percent or better. If you don't make the grade, or if your scores expire before you take the checkride, you may retake the knowledge test.


Millions of people have learned to fly and they've all had questions along the way. These are the most frequently asked questions with answers and links to more info.

Interactive Courses & Quizzes

We've created some entertaining yet highly informative interactive courses to help you understand key topics and short quizzes to test your knowledge.

Flying Skills

These are the hands-on (and feet-on) flying skills needed to control an aircraft in a safe, professional manner. From engine start to a landing on a short grass strip with howling crosswinds, it's all here.