Maneuvers Special Topics

The knowledge test

Before you can take the practical test, sometimes called the flight test, for a pilot certificate you must pass an FAA knowledge test. Knowledge tests are also required for some advanced pilot ratings. The computer-based test for the private pilot certificate includes 60 questions, and you have two and a half hours to answer them; a score of 70 percent or better is passing. The FAA's test guide provides an overview of the process and offers some tips for taking the knowledge test.

FAA-G-8082-17A Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot Knowledge Test Guide (PDF version)

FAA-CT-8080-2E Computer Testing Supplement for Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot (PDF version)

FAA knowledge test questions

Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank — view sample questions from the private pilot knowledge test. Note that these are representative questions, and not actual test questions.

Knowledge test centers

Already taken the knowledge test? The score sheet you received at the testing center will not tell you which answers you got wrong, but it will give you subject matter knowledge codes relating to any questions you answered incorrectly. This document will translate those codes into subject areas that you can review.

FAA Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airman Knowledge Testing AC60-25E (PDF version)