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ASI Airport Markings Flash Cards

These handy flash cards, prepared by the Air Safety Institute, are a handy way to learn the meanings of airport surface markings. What may look like randomly striped lines on taxiways and runways actually convey critical safety information to pilots, communicating where they can and cannot go.

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Ups and Downs of Takeoffs and Landings

It's important that pilots learn the basics of takeoffs and landings. This includes knowing when to abort an attempt and go around for another try, as well as how to recover from a bounced landing. This 65-minute video from the Air Safety Institute is chock full of examples.

Preflight actions quiz

Have you begun studying pilot ground school lessons? Do you know all of a pilot's preflight responsibilities? Test your progress with this online quiz prepared by the Air Safety Institute.

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Propeller quiz

What size nick or scratch in a propeller blade requires immediate attention from a mechanic? Do you know the difference between a fixed-pitch and a constant-speed propeller? Test your knowledge with this quiz from the Air Safety Institute.

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All videos, interactive programs and quizzes courtesy of the Air Safety Institute.