Flight Training - Pre Solo

During this initial phase of your flight training, your goal is to develop the skills needed to inspect the aircraft before each flight (preflight the aircraft), taxi to the runway, take off, fly around the airport traffic pattern, and land your aircraft all alone, without your instructor's help. In other words, to solo! To do that, you'll need to understand many new concepts while learning some key terms from aviation's vocabulary. But most important, you'll need to learn how to fly the airplane under favorable weather conditions at your local airport, including when and how to communicate over the radio.


Millions of people have learned to fly and they've all had questions along the way. These are the most frequently asked questions with answers and links to more info.

Interactive Courses & Quizzes

We've created some entertaining yet highly informative interactive courses to help you understand key topics and short quizzes to test your knowledge.

Flying Skills

These are the hands-on (and feet-on) flying skills needed to control an aircraft in a safe, professional manner. From engine start to a landing on a short grass strip with howling crosswinds, it's all here.

Topic Briefs

We've provided richly illustrated briefing papers on several key topics. You can view them online or download them to print or read later.

Special Topics:

Your medical

This document is also your student pilot certificate. You'll need to undergo a brief medical exam and obtain one before you can solo.

Your aviation vocabulary

Learn proper usage of the most common aeronautical terms and when to use them with air traffic control (ATC).

Avionics and instruments

The dials and gauges in front of you convey important information on your flight and allow you to communicate.

Stalls FAQs

In flying, a stall refers to a loss of lift over the wings. You will learn how to recover from stalls as well as how to recognize imminent stalls.