Flight Training - Solo Resources

Learning doesn't stop after you solo. In fact, once you've flown by yourself, there's much more for you to learn as you prepare for the next milestone in your training. In most cases, after your first solo, you'll have a couple of supervised solos — you'll fly part of a session with your instructor and the rest alone, much like your first solo. Then your instructor will allow you to practice by yourself at your home airport, perhaps specifying certain weather conditions or areas in which you're allowed to fly. You'll need to master operations in the airport traffic pattern, understand winds, and learn to recognize when conditions are beyond your capabilities. It's also time to learn more about leaning the engine's fuel/air mixture and other finer points of aircraft operation. A thorough understanding of your aircraft's systems and operations will serve you well as you progress in your training.


Millions of people have learned to fly and they've all had questions along the way. These are the most frequently asked questions with answers and links to more info.

Interactive Courses & Quizzes

We've created some entertaining yet highly informative interactive courses to help you understand key topics and short quizzes to test your knowledge.

Flying Skills

These are the hands-on (and feet-on) flying skills needed to control an aircraft in a safe, professional manner. From engine start to a landing on a short grass strip with howling crosswinds, it's all here.

Topic Briefs

We've provided richly illustrated briefing papers on several key topics. You can view them online or download them to print or read later.

Special Topics:

Engines, fuel, and electrical systems

An understanding of your aircraft's engine, as well as its fuel and electrical systems, is the key to operating it as efficiently as possible. Improper operation can result in engine damage, which in extreme cases can lead to engine failure.