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ASI Runway Safety Program

This interactive course is designed to teach students and pilots how to avoid runway incursions. It begins with an arrival into Long Beach Airport, California; continues with a departure from Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania; and concludes with a quiz.

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Operations at Towered Airports

Pilots of all skill levels and experience will benefit from this thorough review. The 25-minute video from the Air Safety Institute includes tips and techniques for flying in Class D airspace. Topics covered include communication procedures; safe ground operations; and how traffic is handled by clearance delivery, ground control, and the tower.

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Fuel Awareness

Almost every fuel-related accident could be prevented with better preflight planning, diligent monitoring of fuel consumption, and increased knowledge of aircraft fuel systems. This 26-minute video from the Air Safety Institute will help pilots learn how to get the most out of each gallon of fuel.

This Air Safety Institute video is also available in DVD format through Sporty's Pilot Shop.

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Towered airports quiz

There are more than 40 million arrivals and departures each year at airports with air traffic control towers. Nearly half of these are general aviation operations. Find out how knowledgeable you are about operating in this busy type of environment.

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Runway incursions quiz

Ground operations and runway safety continue to receive safety emphasis from the FAA and the pilot community. Read the Safety Pilot article Chain Reaction, about an accident that took place after a pilot taxiied onto the wrong runway. and then take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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Operations at nontowered airports quiz

Because there are more than 12,000 U.S. airports without control towers, it is imperative that all pilots familiarize themselves with the proper operating procedures to use at such airports. Test your knowledge of this important subject.

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Fuel awareness quiz

When you're flying, you can't expect to find a gas station on the next corner — so proper planning is critical. Read the Air Safety Institutes's Fuel Awareness Safety Advisor, then assess your knowledge of this information with this online quiz.

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Intercept procedures quiz

Pilots today must be up to date on any temporary flight restrictions where you plan to fly. If you're not, you may be intercepted by military or law enforcement aircraft. The appearance of a fighter jet off your wing is a clue that this has happened. Do you know what to do?

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All videos, interactive courses and quizzes courtesy of the AOPA Air Safety Institute.